Los Angeles Times

May 11th 1999

Dance Review by Victoria Looseleaf

Highways Performance Space welcomed the exhilarating collective La Danserie. Choreographer-dancer Lisa K. Lock dominated the Highways evening in stamina, verstility and technique. From "Voiceless" a contact improvisation between her and Juan Francisco Robles, to "Perpetual Identities," in which Philip Chang, Vanessa Jue, Tony Licon, Jennifer McDonald-Wilson, Grant Wilson and Jennifer Usyak shed light effectively on issues of trust, fear and isolation, the work soared.

Lock shone, too, in McDonald-Wilson’s take on "Waiting for Godo," her loose-limbed playfulness a perfect foil for Jue’s equally enchanting high jinks.

Choreographer Patrick Frantz made use of Lock’s heron-like presence in his "Chosen Ones," an Ellis Island-like scenario abounding with fugal moves and furious passion.


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